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It is October, 1962.
A blockade waits outside of Cuba.
Thermonuclear warheads and missiles are under construction on the island.
You have one mandate: prevent global nuclear holocaust.

You play as President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy to meet with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. The Cold War is threatening to go hot during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Communications are slow and imprecise. Without a face and under pressure, you must guess what your counterpart is thinking, avoid his baiting, and achieve a favourable outcome to the world.

Using historical information and events, this game is a rough portrayal of the Cuban Missile Crisis, stripped to its constituent parts. Some information may be misrepresented or incomplete; others deliberately omitted or altered to suit the playability of the game. Comment your concerns below!

(This game does not reflect the historical, ethnic, or personal views of developer.)


  • Arrow keys - Directional Movement
  • Enter - Interact
Version History:
  • 6/9/17 - Alpha Build
    • Features:
      • JFK Sprite (Made with on-engine character generator)
      • JFK Pop-up Faces
        • Assertive
        • Neutral
        • Speaking
        • Weary
        • Worried
      • User Interface Text
      • User Interface Sprites
      • User Interface Interaction Sound
      • Event-triggered Background Music
        • Calm
        • Raised
        • Tense
        • Defeat
        • Menu
        • Interlude
        • Victory
      • Credits Scene
      • Walls
      • Tiled Floor
      • Shading Overlay
  • 6/16/17 - Beta Additions
    • Communications Desk
      • Teleprinter
      • Preparation Room
      • Event-triggered Transition to Hotline Room
      • Robert Kennedy
      • Dialogue
      • Defense Secretary McNamara
      • Dialogue

  • 6/22/17 - Beta v2 Additions
    • Polished Credits
    • Fixed some English bugs
  • 29/11/17 - Soft Gold
    • Added Cover Image


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